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B2B+ (Business to Business Plus) Trade in conflict The future belongs to the multi-channel The bridge from the old to the new economy How Aladin1.com connects online and offline marketing Thoughts By coordinating online and offline marketing, the effectiveness of overall strategy improved.

There are many ways to find B2B customers online and offline. What options are there for finding and retaining customers online and offline? In the following lines you will find thoughts and ideas for merging online and offline marketing. More and more B2B customers buy according to the ROPO principle. In B2B trade, information about a product is collected online. However, the purchase is completed in personal contact. How does B2B marketing reach these customers? This fact presents marketing decision-makers with complex online and offline challenges in relation to the customer journey. If you want to use your marketing budget correctly in the future, you must have system integration and recognize what the customer journey looks like, online and offline, in detail. E-commerce or person-to-person? What initially appears to be the opposite is ROPO (Research Online Purchase Offline). B2B customers are not online or offline, but both. You research a product online and get information on various channels. They then do not buy the product online, but seek personal contact. In a conversation with the seller, they clarify questions, have the product properties explained and clear up any last-minute purchase dissonances. This is how online and offline merge. The interactions alternate on the customer's path from the first point of contact to the purchase (the customer journey). Online and person-to-person. B2Bplus - e-Commerce Marketing Mix How do you reach your customers? A new vision in B2B marketing. B2B changes to B2Bplus. Despite advancing digitization, many B2B providers still sell analog products. The relevance of a digital B2Bplus marketing mix cannot be overestimated. Would you like to find out how successful marketing in the B2B sector can be? Are you interested in what marketing tools you can use to increase your market share and have a competitive advantage? You will learn what your B2Bplus marketing mix can look like. The steps to the B2Bplus - Marketing-Mix A comprehensive marketing concept is essential for the success of your product or your service. You should consider the individual steps in the development of a concept in order to align it with the needs of your customers. Always keep in mind that the high-quality, professional communication of information is more of a motive for B2B communication than an intrusive invitation to buy. You should internalize this attitude for the conception of your B2Bplus marketing mix. Find out more about the individual steps involved in designing your marketing measures here.

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