D2R Ladder Start Guide from RSVSR to Get Rich in Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder

How can I get these new D2R items to the top of the ladder quickly? Check out this article and we’ll show you the best and easiest ways to get D2R ladder items.

D2R ladder runes like patterns and squares, which are useful for increasing the variety of mercenaries, can now be unlocked by players with the release of the Diablo 2 Resurrected ladder season update! Unique items, cube recipes, set items, and so on can be unlocked by the player in order to increase their chances of winning and improve their overall ladder position during the season.. How can I get these new D2R items to the top of the ladder quickly? Check out this article and we’ll show you the best and easiest ways to get D2R ladder items.


Another popular option to grind here on d2r is what people call eps (eldritch pindle and shank), these three are always in the same spots and you can run all three of them in the same game in less than a single minute, providing you with a very repeatable farm for endless amounts of chances at some dope loot.

The one thing to be aware of is that they can vary in their immunities, so you want to approach this as a dual element build or physical build eldritch, for example, was cold and fire immune on one of the test runs which made hydra orb sort, completely useless for that one, but still able to nuke the other two just fine.

Farm Keys

Running keys makes you get a lot of runes from the Countess and a lot of gems from the summoner runs, when you're clicking all those chests in the dead. You can farm keys of each type to trade up for high runes. Keys can either be found as treasure, dropped by monsters, or bought from various merchants in town.

Learn the Farm Runs

There is already a list of archives for Diablo II enemies and drops. While Resurrection may seem some direct changes to drop rates and what items are dropped, so far it appears that it will be nearly the same. This means you’ll be able to capitalize on items that are valuable and hard to get as soon as you have access to the area it’s in.

Rush to Hell

Don’t waste your time on the easy difficulty. If you’re playing alone, gather what you’ll need and finish the story. It will be more difficult at first, but the increased rewards will exponentially increase your ability to build wealth. The same is true in Hell mode, but rushing through Nightmare will be more difficult.

You’ll find plenty of players to run through the difficulty levels with during the game’s initial release. They might even have access to waypoints from further into the game than you do. Players who speed-run others through difficulties will appear after a short time. Getting your character through the first two difficulties in one day will be extremely beneficial.

Forge rushing

The aim here is to use fast teleporting characters in order to rush low-level players through the entire game difficulties. What is your reward? The Runes dropped from the Hellforge Quest in Act 4.

Note that a good rusher can carry a character from Normal Act 1 to Act 5 in 10 to 15 minutes or less. However, it’s best to rush characters to Hell difficulty as the Hellforge can drop higher runes (as high as Gul). Of course, it’s a little harder due to tougher monsters, but the reward is great.

Then, you can collect some Runes or even cube Higher Runes. High Runes are always on demand, so you shouldn’t have problems to trade them for useful items.

Magic Finding

Last but not least, Magic Finding is the most common method for finding valuable items. Nevertheless, you will need good MF gear in order to make efficient Magic Finding runs. Otherwise, it’s pointless to make these runs with a low MF bonus as you will not get many worthy items.

One option is to follow one of the above strategies to get more D2R items. Another option that can save you much time is to buy D2R items from RSVSR, you also can Diablo 2 Items for Sale if you have more.

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